Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her boyfriend Martin McDonagh may be victims of their own success with their romance being the collateral damage of their continued achievements – according to reports.

The 34-year-old TV actress has been in a romance with 50-year-old director Martin since 2018.

However, they have both seen their careers take huge strides since then – with Phoebe finding fame with her quirky BBC Three comedy and subsequently landing huge film deals like writing upcoming Bond movie No Time To Die and signing a reported £50 million deal to write shows for Amazon.

While Oscar winner Martin thrilled Hollywood with his black comedy Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri which snapped up gongs galore in 2018.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her boyfriend Martin McDonagh keep their romance low profile

The Sun on Sunday reports that the pair have been struggling to find for each other, however, due to their respective careers.

And their situation has not been helped by the fact they are being kept apart by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with Phoebes in lockdown in London and Martin said to be in lockdown in the USA.

“Phoebe and Martin have found it hard to stay in touch. It’s been tough,” a source told the publication.

“Their careers are busy and they are dragged in different directions,” the source went on.

Phoebe won praise and awards for her BBC Three comedy Fleabag

“Phoebe decided to isolate at home with her sister, who she gets on well with, and concentrate on work projects.

"She and Martin have always been low-key but their relationship has taken a back seat,” the source claimed.

The couple tend to keep their romance out of the public eye – with red carpet appearances together rare.

Phoebes is usually tight lipped over her romance with Martin

Phoebe dodged questions about her relationship with Martin when interviewed by Vogue in 2019 when she replied: “I’m much braver in my writing life.”

While notorious gossip website Popbitch once claimed Martin was mistaken for Sting on a flight while sat beside Phoebe and didn’t correct the misguided member of the public when they asked the Fleabag star if she was dating the Police frontman.

Phoebe was previously married to Irish documentary maker Conor Woodman, 46, in 2014 but the pair divorced in 2018.