Frequently washing our hands since the coronavirus pandemic began has left them feeling like sandpaper and drier than we'd like but thankfully, Lush is literally, on hand to help.

Launching on Monday, 11th May exclusively online at, they’ve created three hand care kits from £22, which will help keep your hands squeaky clean and maintain the condition of them too.

Best of all they'll be delivered to your door or even, your best friend's house whilst Lush shops have been forced to close. So why not spread a little joy in the form of a handy care package?

Lush are offering new and existing customers easy access to a simple hand care routine and the products in each kit have been carefully picked by Lush co-founders, Mark and Mo Constantine OBE.

They feature a range of exclusive and global best selling products, full of all the beautiful ingredients you’d expect from Lush products. It's important to add they also smell exceptional.

"As soap makers we were surprised to find that our product was the most effective weapon we all have in the fight against coronavirus. In these new kits, we have assembled the most effective soaps alongside products to help soften the skin" said Mark Constantine, Lush Co Founder and Managing Director.

The Lush hand care kit range:

Clean and Calm Hand Care Kit, £27

To soothe and calm hands and minds. This box features the 13 Soap Unlucky for Dirt (100g), a recently relaunched soap with antibacterial and antiviral properties of oregano oil, Sleepy soap (100g), Tiny Hands solid hand serum (Hand Care Kit exclusive), Dream Cream (45g) and Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (sample size), a multi-use butter for softening cuticles and brittle nails.

Clean and Fresh As Hand Care Kit, £25

To cool down and carry on. This box features Outback Mate soap (120g), Bohemian soap (120g), Tiny Hands solid hand serum (Hand Care Kit exclusive) and Handy Gurugu hand cream (45g) to reduce redness and hydrate.

Clean and Sweet Hand Care Kit, £22

For big kids and little kids with a sweet tooth. This kit features Honey I Washed the Kids soap (120g), Milky Bar soap (120g), Helping Hands hand cream (45g) and Tiny Hands solid hand serum (Hand Care Kit exclusive), a packaging-free solution to home hand care.