Boris Johnson has promised to make an announcement to the nation about the next stage of the UK's approach to battling coronavirus.

The address to the nation tonight has been widely described as a "roadmap" to loosening the lockdown.

But, officials are worried that early reporting of "easing" has given the public a false sense of freedom.

Ministers moved to dampen reports of a loosening of restrictions ahead of the sunny bank holiday.

Leaders in the other nations have also insisted that any adjustments would be minor.

What time will the announcement happen?

Boris Johnson will address the nation from Downing Street at 7pm.

It is not yet known whether he will make a statement in the street or speak from inside the residence.

Mr Johnson believes it is important that the crucial update comes directly from him.

A Cobra Covid-19 meeting will take place ahead of the announcement and the devolved leaders will be involved.

What channel is it being broadcast on?

Most major TV channels will be broadcasting the event.

On BBC One, the announcement will be followed by a BBC News special.

The broadcast is also expected to air on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky News.

What will Boris Johnson announce?


The decision to legally extend lockdown happened on Thursday as part of the emergency legislation.

But the government have been anxious to loosen some of the rules as soon as it was safe to do so.

However they have been anxious to dampen down expectations.

Any changes are expected to be minor adjustments.

Those that have been widely briefed include letting garden centres open, allowing private prayer in churches and other places of worship and for Brits to be allowed to exercise as much as they want in the open.

On Friday the First Minister of Wales confirmed those measures would be announced for next week.

Mark Drakeford also announced that from Monday local authorities would be able to begin planning for the reopening of libraries and recycling centres.

The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was more cautious suggesting that the only change Scots can expect is a loosening of the rules around exercise.

Will all parts of the UK act at the same time?

Not necessarily.?

Up until now the whole of the UK has moved at the same time.

But the four nations may now take different steps at different times depending on the infection rate.?

On the devolved administrations possibly announcing different plans from the UK Government, the spokesman added: "The PM has set out on the call (to devolved administration leaders on Thursday) we understand there could be circumstances where there is divergence and when there is evidence that supports it.

"We remain committed to taking a four-nations approach wherever possible."

Welsh leader Mark Drakeford told the Cardiff press conference that the R-value - the number of people the average infected individual would spread the virus to - in Wales is currently around 0.8.

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He said the Welsh Government would watch the level "like a hawk" and reimpose any restrictions if it began to rise to previous levels.

The Scottish Government said its data suggests that the R-number is higher in Scotland than the rest of the UK.

Nicola?Sturgeon?said at a press conference on Friday: "The only change that we're considering in the immediate term is the guidance on outdoor exercise, as I mentioned yesterday and I will give you a further update on that over the weekend."