People across the country face further anguish as their time apart from their family continues - with no sign of when they could be reunited.

Social media users have hit out at the Government following Boris Johnson's "confusing" speech on lockdown easing tonight, as they don't feel it addressed the important things - like when they can see their loved ones again.

One Twitter user wrote: "As much as it's great to see cinemas may be opening in July I kinda wanna see my parents first."

A teacher said: "So, I still can’t see my own nephews or family but I must prepare to potentially welcome 120 four to six year olds and 50-odd 10 and 11 year olds back in school."

Households have been told not to mix at all to stop the spread of coronavirus.

And people are still being told to 'stay alert' in England - but not stay home with as much outside activity as desired from Wednesday.

This means that for seven weeks the public have been unable to spend prolonged time with their family members.

The Covid alert system - but when can families be reunited?

And in the speech this evening there was nothing from Mr Johnson on the subject.

The Prime Minister did say that those who could not work from home should now go to work - and that new health and safety guidance would be issued to ensure social distancing.

Telling people to go back to work but not when they can see their family has struck thousands as unclear or muddled.

Paul Coleman, a writer for Peter Kay's Car Share quipped: "You can’t see your friend and family unless you work with them all on a building site."

Jessica Elgot, the chief political correspondent for the Guardian currently on maternity leave, tweeted: "The biggest concern for so many people will be - when will we see our families again?

"There was nothing on that at all. I don’t care when Primark can reopen, when can I see my mum?

Britons are desperate to be reunited with loved ones who are not in the same household

"At least an acknowledgement that it won’t be soon would be better than just... not mentioning it".

GMB presenter Piers Morgan tweeted: "I can drive 100s of miles to sunbathe alongside complete strangers on a beach, maintaining 2m distance - but not see my parents? This is ridiculous."

Another Twitter user made the point: "At no point did he address when we are allowed to see friends and family, so we are allowed to go to sit on a beach for the day surrounded by strangers at a 2m distance but are not allowed to have our family round to sit apart in the garden and have a cup of tea?"

Another said: "Don’t understand how parks rammed with people all day is safer than me taking my two little kids round their grandparents for an hour is their back garden.

Boris Johnson's speech on Sunday evening has come in for fierce criticism
Someone with a cold sore kissed Farron as a baby (stock image)
Some newborns haven't met grandparents yet (stock photo)

"Lockdown fine. No work isn’t ideal. Seeing family is all I wanted. Just my own issues, I may be wrong".

Charlotte Martin tweeted: :As much as I am pleased we are still in lockdown, as it's too early, I am heartbroken that there was no mention of seeing family soon.

"Also, no clear message for those shielded, who want some hope for leaving home".

Jess Judd wrote: "I'm confused, did Boris Johnson say anywhere on that top quality graph when we can see family members again?!

"As much as it's great to see cinemas may be opening in July I kinda wanna see my parents first."

Another Brit wrote: OK Boris Johnson I genuinely couldn’t give a s*** whether I can go into shops or pubs again for the rest of my life.

"I care about when I can give my mum a hug, register my child’s birth and have my newborn son meet his family as he’s spent the entirety of his life in lockdown".