As the tedium of lock down continues the British public have had to come up with increasingly inventive ways of having a well needed 'sesh'.?

Virtual parties have been streamed live on Instagram and 'zoom discos' have entered this decades zeitgeist.

Some have shown great ingenuity and resourcefulness by building their own pubs in back gardens, nightclub VIP areas with security guards in their living rooms, and that's just for starters.

But for Cardiff's resident Dave Jones and his girlfriend, Tanya Spence-Kelly, only the dizzying heights of Vegas would do for their community.

Cardiff resident Dave Jones and his girlfriend, Tanya Spence-Kelly, arranged for a Las Vegas themed night for their apartment block in Cardiff

But since the whole street couldn't make the 5,117 Mile round trip to the famous strip under the current circumstances, Dave and Tanya decided to bring a little bit of Nevada to Wales.

The partly loving pair asked their entire apartment block to dress up for the occasion while a 'socially distant disco' took place.

With everyone done up to the nines, the local residents did their very best to help cheer up one of their neighbours on their 30th birthday, after his initial plans of marking the occasion in Las Vegas were thwarted.

Neighbours looked stunning for the big party

Tanya's friend and local DJ Nathan Jones played records from a specially-converted Las Vegas-themed disco booth on the roof of his van at the foot of the 10-storey flats.

Nathan, who goes by the DJ name Motel Concierge, converted his Ford van into a mobile DJ booth which he has dubbed ‘Disco Vandross’ so he can continue to play songs to people despite the lockdown.

His Disco Motel concept involves, as Wales Online put it, a “specially converted Las Vegas-themed disco booth on the roof of his van.”

Police officers did check on the event but were satisfied that social distancing was being observed and let the neighbours party on into the night.

Run by a company called Motel Nights, the night certainly seemed to be a hit with residents dancing away to the DJ’s tune.