A crafty toddler has left his parents red-faced and out of pocket after covering himself and his bedroom carpet in purple shampoo.

Little Louis Brown, one, managed to dye himself purple when he emptied a bottle of Osmo purple shampoo all over the bathroom, landing and his bedroom

His mum Jo, 29, had put the tot down for a nap and returned five minutes later to catch the youngster purple-handed during his mischievous antics on Halloween.

Jo and 32-year-old partner Jordan Parks have now had to hire a a professional cleaner in a desperate attempt to get the stains out before hauling up the carpet for good.

The mum-of-three, of Maidstone, Kent, said: "I put him to bed and he looked so peaceful and angelic like he was about to drift off.

Louis' mum said he looked "peaceful and angelic" when she put him down for his nap
The toddler's antics have cost Jo and partner Jordan £100 in cleaning costs

"I only went downstairs for five minutes to make some sandwiches for the kids' lunch and I thought I'll just pop back up to check on him.

"I'd left the baby gate open so he could come back down if he didn't want to nap but when he was silent I assumed he was fast asleep.

"I came up the stairs and there was just purple everywhere, I didn't even know what it was at first and then I found him covered in it with the bottle in his hand.

Shocked mum Jo found one-year-old Louis Brown covered in shampoo
Pictured: Louis, one, Jordan, 32, Grace, eight, Jo, 29 and George, two

"I went into shock, I kept coming back up to look at it because I couldn't believe it.

"The worst bit is it's not even my shampoo it's my mum's that she'd left here."

Jo, who is also mum to Grace, eight, and two-year-old George, went viral after taking to Facebook to ask for advice on how to clean up the mess, racking up more than 1,000 shares.

But the mum, who runs her own printing business, was forced to call in the experts fearing that any DIY cleaning attempts would only make the situation worse - and has now had to fork out £100 to have it professionally cleaned.

She said: "He's a little mischief maker. He and his brother broke five televisions while we were in lockdown the first time round so I'm dreading the second one."