There is no change to isolation guidelines surrounding the over-70s in England, despite measures being eased, it has been reported.

Government insiders have told The Sun the elderly must continue to follow the "exact same rules" for the time being, in light of Boris Johnson's new 'roadmap'.

The Prime Minister yesterday praised several sections of society for how they have responded to the torrid battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

This included the "fortitude of the elderly whose isolation we all want to end as fast as we can" - however, other than that the PM shed little light on the way forward for over 70s.

Prior to Mr Johnson's address to the nation, the Government was gripped by a row over how over-70s would be treated as restrictions begin to change.

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Campaigners fear there could a mental health crisis among elderly Brits

NHS guidance states that all those aged 70 or older, regardless of medical conditions — and those under 70 with an underlying health condition listed on its website — must remain shielded indoors.

Campaigners have warned that forcing the elderly to remain detached from society while the rest of the nation starts to return to normal is discriminatory.

They added it risks sparking a mental health crisis among over-70s.

The NHS advises over-70s remain strictly in doors during the lockdown

Meanwhile, after almost two months of lockdown, the key points of the PM's so-called first sketch of a road map for reopening society" were outlied.

The first stated that a new Covid Alert System is being set up determined mainly by the reinfection rate and the number of cases.

The alert levels will be one to five and the higher the level, the tougher social distancing measures will have to be. The PM said the UK had been in Level Four but "we are now in a position to begin to move in steps to Level Three".

Boris Johnson eased many of the restrictions currently imposed on Britain during a controversial address

Also, from Monday, people who cannot work from home are being actively encouraged to go to work instead of being told to only go if they must. But they should avoid public transport if at all possible.

And from Wednesday, people are being encouraged to take unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise and even play sports, but only with members of their household.

Visiting and sunbathing in local parks will also be allowed as will driving to other destinations.

But social distancing rules will still have to be obeyed with bigger fines for those who break them.

Schools may begin to reopen by June 1 at the earliest along with the phased reopening of shops.

Outdoor cafes could begin to reopen in July, along with public places including churches and cinemas, as long as the two-metre social distancing rule can be enforced and "if, and only if, the numbers support it".