Neither Phillip Schofield nor Holly Willoughby could get a handle on their giggles on This Morning as viewers sent in snaps of rude-looking veg.

Phil struggled to string a sentence together as he examined an unfortunately-shaped carrot and parsnip.

"This one says, 'That's my carrot situation,'" Holly read as Phil went red-faced with laughter.

"That one needs a wax!" Holly remarked, "Peel it immediataely. It's even got a belly button."

Phil wheezed with laughter, but managed: "Well, actually we should get to know Nadine's parsnip!"

Chuckles could be heard from behind the camera as well as This Morning crew members started to break out in laughter.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are left in hysterics by some VERY lewd vegetables

And through her tears of laughter, Holly joked that she'd save the carrot as her screensaver.

They broke out in fits of giggles again after introducing Andrea McLean for Loose Women, only to find out Christine Lampard was hosting.

"Hello Andrea!" Holly said as the camera cut to Christine.

"Sorry, have I disappointed you?" Christine laughed.

Phil struggled to get the words out

Today's show also marked the much-requested return of newlyweds Iris, 81, and Mohamed, 36.

And the couple revealed they headed to KFC for their wedding day meal in an update on their unlikely romance.

Addressing their 46-year age gap, Iris told that she's not currently on speaking terms with her family because they don't approve of the union.

Iris appealed to Boris Johnson to give Mohamed a UK work visa

"It was just an exchanging of documents," she said of their special day, "we had to sign several documents with a signature and a thumbprint.

"After that the documents were handed over to us to say that we were married, but it's all in Arabic, I don't know what it says at all.

"It might say that I am completely under his thumb, well if that's the case then I'm not."

Iris and Mohamed celebrated their wedding with KFC

"What about afterwards, how did you celebrate did you have a reception anywhere?" Holly asked.

"No, we went to KFC for chicken and French fries and Coca-Cola," Iris replied.

Iris has appealed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to give her new hubby a UK work visa, as he's a qualified engineer.

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